trifle [trī′fəl]
[ME < OFr trufle, mockery, dim. of truffe, deception]
1. something of little value or importance; trivial thing, idea, etc.; paltry matter
2. a small amount of money
3. a small amount or degree; bit
4. esp. in England, a dessert consisting of spongecake soaked in wine, spread with jam, and covered with custard, whipped cream, etc.
a) a kind of pewter of medium hardness
b) [pl.] utensils made of this
trifled, trifling
1. to talk or act jokingly, mockingly, etc.; deal lightly [not a person to trifle with]
2. to play or toy (with something)
3. to play fast and loose (with a person's affections); dally
to spend idly; waste [to trifle the hours away]
SYN.- TRIFLE is the general term meaning to treat without earnestness, full attention, definite purpose, etc. [to trifle with a person, an idea, etc. ]; FLIRT implies a light, transient interest or attention that quickly moves on to another person or thing [she's always flirting with men ]; DALLY implies a playing with a subject or thing that one has little or no intention of taking seriously [to dally with painting ]; COQUET suggests the behavior of a flirtatious woman who seeks attention or admiration without serious intent; TOY implies a trifling or dallying with no purpose beyond that of amusement or idling away time [to toy with an idea ]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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